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Announcing: Removal of 'Views' Number in Forums
Announcing: Removal of 'Views' Number in Forums
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Written by Nathan Connors
Updated over a week ago

In the week starting on 13 June, we will remove the 'views' numbers from forum pages across all EngagementHQ sites. The count was showing on the forum tab, as you can see from the screenshots below.

Why are the numbers removed?

There are two major reasons why we decided it had to go.

  1. We had the numbers in place for a few years and there is no evidence whatsoever that the 'views' number positively impacts forum participation, as we thought it could. In addition, the 'views' count may distract from the other number present on that page, which is the amount of comments received.

  2. Since the count feeds through to the page from EHQ's reporting, it is the last element on the page to load and is negatively impacting overall loading times. As a result, removing these numbers should make all project pages with forums enabled load up to 50% quicker.

Can I still see the number of visitors to my forum pages?

Yes, EHQ's reporting captures the amount of visitors to your forum pages, which is a much better metric than number of visits.

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