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Announcing: Removal of Instagram Widget
Announcing: Removal of Instagram Widget
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We regret to announce that as of July 2016, EngagementHQ's Instagram widget will no longer be supported and will be removed from EHQ within the next few weeks.


Instagram has made substantial changes to its API (the part of the software that allows EHQ to feed on content from Instagram) and its policy, preventing most third party apps from functioning. Unfortunately, EHQ's Instagram widget is one of those and despite efforts from our development team to find a solution we are unable to continue supporting the widget.

Are there alternatives?

Yes, there are alternatives, but they are not one for one substitutes for EHQ's widget. The idea of our widget was that it enabled you to have an Instagram feed based on a Hashtag to run a Hashtag specific consultation. The new policy adopted by Instagram disallows feeds to be created for Hashtags only, which is why our widget will no longer work.

The alternatives that are available allow you to bring in an Instagram feed from your own Instagram user account into EHQ via a custom widget, just like you can do with a Twitter widget. Some options we have explored are Juicer, Dialogfee, Snap Widget and Engage Sciences.

Some of these alternatives are not for free and we recommend you ask for a free trial to see how and if it works in EHQ as you expect.

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