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Announcing: Removal of RSS Feed
Announcing: Removal of RSS Feed
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We regret to announce that as of December 2016, EngagementHQ's RSS Feed will no longer be supported and will be removed from EHQ before the end of the year.


The RSS Feed, which allowed administrators and participants to subscribe to some (but not all) tools from a project page via an external RSS reader, was built upon a XML library no longer considered safe. We have been ramping up our security efforts lately to accommodate our continued growth and, as part of this work, made the decision to remove the RSS Feed feature from EHQ.

Will this have any impact on admins or participants?

Very unlikely. Although we cannot track subscriptions to EHQ's RSS Feeds with 100% certainty, our analysis shows that this was an extremely underutilised feature of EHQ. Therefore we believe it will, if at all, only impact a very small portion of EHQ users.

If you have been relying on the RSS feed to bring content into your organisation's website, we recommend you switch to our API and use that instead. Details about our API can be found here.

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