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How to schedule your news article's publish or archive date

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When writing news articles to update your community, you can write and schedule them in advance. Using the Schedule button, you can plan the time and date of when you Publish and Archive each article.

When you Archive a published article, the article and any comments will still be visible, but your participants can no longer submit new comments. To remove an article from the site, you will need to Unpublish it.

To Schedule your Publish or Archive date:

  1. Go to the Newsfeed tab of your projects tool tab.

  2. Select Schedule on the relevant article. If the article is in Draft, you can Schedule the Publish date; if it’s published, you can Schedule the Archive date.

  3. Use the pop-up schedule calendar to select the correct date and time and Save your schedule.

  4. You can edit the scheduled date by selecting Schedule again and saving a new date or cancel it by selecting Delete.

When the scheduled date passes, the article will automatically Publish or Archive. If you schedule an archive date, the default archival message will display: “Closed: This discussion has concluded.”

You can also choose to Archive immediately, by using the status dropdown menu to select Archive; this will also allow you to write a custom Archival message.

If you accidentally publish or archive the article, you can use the dropdown menu to unpublish or unarchive it.

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