The emoji question is a standalone question that will appear at the bottom of the Question Types for selection in the survey builder.

When selected, the admin can choose between three and five emojis. These emojis are standardized and in yellow. By default, the 5 emoji option is selected.

There are no options to change the colour or type of the emojis but you can modify the label appearing next to each emoji as shown below.

The length of the label is limited to 28 characters.

NOTE - Once the emoji question is created and saved, will not be able to change the selection between 3 and 5 emojis. If required, you can delete and create another emoji question type.

On the participant side, each emoji will appear in grey until selected when it turns yellow.

Effectively, this is a radio button scale for reporting purposes. That means only one option can be selected and each option is the equivalent of a choice from one through to five.

All customized text labels will be shown in reports and graphs. The emoji question type is now supported in Survey Analysis tool too!

Read about all the other survey question types in our article on Survey Question Types.

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