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Use the Survey Tool for Petitions

Enable your community to submit and sign petitions using the survey tool

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You can use the survey tool to set up a space for your community to create and sign petitions. There are three parts to this process:

  1. Set up a survey for participants to submit a petition

  2. Review the submitted petition to ensure it meets your criteria

  3. Publish the submitted petition as another survey for other participants to sign

You can see an example of this on our demo site, which includes examples of widgets and the project description you may find helpful.

In your first survey, you would build questions that allow your participants to briefly explain their proposed petition, as well as provide other details such as background information, a deadline, contact details, or any other criteria you need.

You and your team would then need to review the submitted petition and decide to publish it. Each petition must be created as an individual survey for users to sign. Petition surveys don’t need many questions, as in this example:

Tips for using petitions

  • In the Survey Settings, you can use the Custom Text option for the Survey Button Text to customize it for each survey. For example, “Start a Petition” or “Sign a Petition.”

  • Set the Participation Type as Registered Single, so residents can only sign once.

  • We recommend using a FAQ or Document Library widget to provide the rules or criteria for the petitions.

  • Keep the petition surveys simple. Most background content can go into the Survey description, and the questions only need to be the signee’s details.

  • Once you’ve created one petition, you can use the Clone survey feature to recreate it – you'll just need to replace the Title and Description for each one.

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