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Schedule, Archive, Unpublish or Delete a Survey
Schedule, Archive, Unpublish or Delete a Survey

Understand the difference between unpublishing, archiving, and deleting a survey permanently.

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Once a survey is published, you have several options to remove it or close it, depending on whether people have responded or not.

Your options are:

  • Archive: this option will close the survey to new responses but leave it visible on the project page. Archiving is best when the survey or consultation has finished, as you can display an Archival message. Admins can still submit responses in an archived survey, such as those collected in a hard-copy survey.

  • Unpublish: this option returns the survey to draft status, closing it to responses and removing it from public view.

  • Delete: this will permanently remove the survey from your site. You can only Delete a survey with no responses; if your survey has test responses that need to be removed, please contact our support team for assistance. If we delete responses, they cannot be recovered and will be removed from your reports.

You can use the status dropdown menu to Unpublish or Archive your survey. This dropdown menu also lets you Unarchive an archived survey if you need to.

Use the Delete button to remove your survey completely; there is no way to recover an accidentally deleted survey.

Schedule a Publish or Archive Date

Use the Schedule feature to publish or archive your survey to ensure that your survey is live at the correct time. Scheduling works the same whether you schedule your publish or archive date:

  1. Select the Schedule button on the survey in the tool tab.

  2. Use the calendar to select the date you want to publish or archive.

  3. Use the time field to select what time you want to publish or archive.

  4. Select Save.

  5. To remove a scheduled time, select Schedule again and then select Delete.

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