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Can participants view survey results?
Can participants view survey results?

Learn more about how survey results can be displayed to participants

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Most participants are curious about the results of a consultation. Sometimes, they have to wait until the end of the consultation to know about what the community has overwhelmingly decided on. 

However, by selecting "Display survey results to participants" on the survey settings page, survey results are immediately displayed to a participant after they make their submission. This gives them an insight into what the majority of the community feels about the consultation and priority areas. 

Once turned on, participants can simply view the survey results holistically, per the attached GIF.

• Survey results will be shown for choice questions (Radio, Dropdown, Checkbox, Likert, Ranking and Emoji)
• Survey results will show for ALL questions (even if participant skipped answering them - optional, conditional, Skip logic, etc.)
• Participant would see their own answers in a dark blue color.

If you do not find the "Survey Results" tab in the settings, please contact us via chat or email at to enable this feature.

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