You can now create PDFs of your surveys and print these for use in the real world. We believe this can be a real time-saver. If you have ever tried to replicate an EHQ survey in WORD or similar you know what we are talking about. As it has always been the case, once you have collected hard copies of your survey you can come back into EHQ and enter these manually back into the system. See here how.

Creating Surveys as PDFs

All your surveys, as printable PDFs, are just a couple of clicks away.  Open your survey and click on the edit pen.

This will open your survey. Look for the Print symbol as shown below. 

You will get a cleanly structured PDF version of your project that will look something like this. You can save the PDF or print it straight away:

What to consider?

Although this is a straightforward feature there are a few things we believe you should take note of:

  • Due to the nature of online surveys, some questions types cannot be replicated entirely in the real word, e.g. the file upload. Although we believe we have found ways to present all question types in ways that make sense, please play around with the different types to see how they show in the PDF.
  • If you need two slightly different versions for offline and online use, e.g. because your survey description includes a lot of links, there is no need to change the online survey to make it work for your offline purposes. Simply clone the survey and maintain an offline and online version and leave the offline version unpublished.
  • You get a PDF. This is fixed and cannot be changed unless you have software that allows you to do it.
  • NEVER change an already published survey (read why).

We hope you enjoy this new feature and if you have feedback for us, please get in touch.

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