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Use FAQs on your homepage
Use FAQs on your homepage

Add the FAQs widget to your homepage to inform your community about your site.

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Using the FAQ widget on your homepage is the best way to provide information for your community, such as how to use the platform and your organization’s policies and frameworks.

Below are some recommendations for FAQs we see frequently, which you can use as a guide to get started.

Why should I get involved?

This FAQ allows you to outline your commitment to engagement and let your community know how important their contributions are to your organization. You can indicate the benefits to their participation and how they can help influence and shape your community.

How will registration benefit me?

Use this FAQ to explain the benefits to registration and participating over simply exploring the site. Registration gives your community members a voice and allows them to have their say on developments and programs in their area.

You can also include benefits such as:

  • Receiving updates and staying informed

  • Becoming part of the online community

  • Getting involved with, commenting on, and following multiple projects they are interested in

  • Helping your organization obtain more accurate data, so you can make better choices and outcomes for your community

I’m having trouble logging in, what should I do?

Use this FAQ to explain troubleshooting steps for any users having trouble signing in. Include:

  • Ensuring their email and password are correct

  • Instructions for resetting their password if they need to

  • Contact details if you have a team to manage these queries

What are the rules for online engagement?

Your participants must be aware of moderation rules before engaging with your projects. They are required to agree to the moderation rules when they register, but you should also include a FAQ reinforcing those rules.

You should explain that these rules are administered by Bang the Table’s moderators and that they are designed to ensure a safe and constructive online space for community engagement. You should also link to the moderation rules page of your site.

How will my information be used?

This is an extremely important FAQ to include, as it can help reassure participants who will have access to their information and how it will be used. Explain how participant’s feedback and data will be used for better decision-making and how it will be kept confidential.

You should include a link to your Privacy Policy with this FAQ. Remember that you can use our privacy policy template, but you must adapt it to reflect the specifics of your organization.

Here are a few more FAQ suggestions:

  • How can I have my say?

  • What type of projects can I get involved with?

  • What is your framework and commitment to seeking feedback from the community?

  • How will I be contacted?

  • Who can I contact if I need to discuss issues with a specific project?

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