Pinning a survey to your project page allows you to draw attention the survey. Participants can complete a survey directly on your project page, saving them an extra click.

Using a pinned survey is highly recommended when you have a neatly designed survey of no more than 10 questions per page.

Below you can see a comparison of an unpinned survey (left), next to a pinned survey (right) below. 

The pinned survey can be completed on the project page itself and the tab name changes according to the survey title.

When should I pin my survey?

In the majority of cases, we recommend you pin your surveys if you have fulfilled the following;

  • Used page elements to scaffold your survey across multiple pages

  • Have less than 10 questions per page (longer surveys will take up a lot of screen real estate and are better as stand alone pages)

  • Intend to capture feedback directly on the project page

  • Don't need to link directly to the survey from your homepage (only surveys as stand alone pages can be directly linked to from your homepage)

  • You don't have multiple surveys for a single project

How do I pin my survey?

Simply click the 'Pin' icon on your survey management screen.

Note: You can PIN more than one survey. Each pinned survey will appear in a separate tool tab. 

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