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Learn how to highlight a survey in the main project page.

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Pinning a survey to your project page draws attention to important surveys. Participants complete the survey directly on the project page, which encourages more people to immediately participate.

We recommend pinning a survey when:

  • You have a survey with less than 10 questions per page. Long and complex surveys use a lot of screen real estate and are better suited for standalone pages.

  • A survey with multiple pages has a Section Title and Description to help orientate your respondents.

  • You want to capture feedback without the participant leaving the project page.

You can pin more than one survey, but it can be confusing when you have multiple surveys for a project. Each pinned survey will appear in the tool tab as a separate tab with the survey title; any unpinned surveys appear in the list as usual.

To pin your survey:

  1. Go to your project page and select the surveys in your tools tab.

  2. Select Pin on the survey you want to pin to your project page.

  3. A new tab will appear with the pinned survey. Any edits can be made from here, including the Unpin function, which will return the survey to a standalone version.

Your participants can now see and complete the survey directly on the project page. Remember to Preview the project to see how your pinned survey looks to participants.

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