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What is the correct link to use, when I share my project with others ?

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A project’s URL is formed using the Permalink. When you create a project, the system will use the given title to create a permalink by default; the URL for a project titled “New Park Design” would automatically be “”

As the permalink resembles the page title when you create it, there are a few scenarios in which you’d need to edit it. For example, if you rename the project, you can change the permalink to match the new title. Another example is if you duplicate an existing project for its structure, you’ll need to change the original permalink to match your new consultation.

To edit the permalink:

  1. Select Edit permalink on your project page. You’ll find the Permalink field below your page title; you can also select Copy page URL if you need the existing front-end URL.

  2. Enter your new permalink in the provided field.

  3. Select Submit and Save changes.

There are a few things to remember when editing your permalink:

  • Keep your permalink simple so it’s easier for participants to remember.

  • Permalinks cannot have spaces, so words need to be separated by a hyphen (-), and no other special characters are allowed.

  • A permalink should have at least two characters, and at least one must be alphabetical. Additionally, some reserved words, such as “New” and “Admin,” can cause errors; as a result, the system will add numbers to the permalink.

  • If the old permalink is used anywhere (including onsite links or external links), you must manually change it. Old permalinks will not automatically redirect to the new one. If you have promoted the old permalink, you may need to redirect it to a duplicated project instead.

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