Use the News Categories Widget

Use News Categories so participants can easily filter and find relevant news articles

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The News Categories widget is used with the Newsfeed tool to list and filter categories on your published news articles. The widget displays these categories, and participants can select them to see a list of articles in that category.

There are no configuration steps with the News Categories widget, but you must have the Newsfeed tool published and with categories. Once you add it, any categories available from your published articles are automatically listed in the widget.

To add the widget:

  1. Select Add Widgets on your project page.

  2. Choose News Categories from the Select Widgets menu.

  3. By default, the widget is called News Categories; you can select the pen icon next to the widget title to change it. If you don’t want a title, check the Hide title box.

  4. Preview your project to see how the widget looks; all categories from published articles are listed automatically.

Widgets are automatically saved and published to your project and listed in the widgets section of your project page. You can use the dropdown menu to Show or Hide it on your project, the bin icon to delete it, or select the title to edit it.

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