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Understand the newsletter recipient metrics.
Understand the newsletter recipient metrics.

How do I know if recipients received my newsletter ? if it was delivered, opened or clicked on ?

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After sending a newsletter, EnagagementHQ allows you to monitor how many were actually delivered and if the recipients opened the newsletter. These numbers can be monitored alongside the sent newsletter in the Newsletter section of EnagagementHQ.

NOTE: We are fetching the newsletter stats from our email delivery system. Since that is a separate system, the stats displayed cannot be real-time and may be up to 24 hours delayed.

Also, some of your older newsletters may not show stats. Only newsletters that were sent AFTER this feature was introduced to EnagagementHQ will show you the opened and clicked numbers.

When looking through your list of past newsletters you can also see the key metrics about those campaigns by clicking on More Stats. These include the total number of newsletters delivered, number of unique opens, number of unique clicks from within your email, and the percentage metrics for each of them.

  • Recipients: This number near the icon represents the number of recipients included in your mailing list.

  • Sent: The number of people that the email was delivered to. The difference to the 'Recipients' count is due to people not receiving the email because they are unsubscribed from your newsletters* or blocked in your participant database. 

  • Open Rate: The number of recipients who open the email. Even if a participant opens an email multiple times, it will only be counted once.

  • Clicks: The number of participants that click on any link in the email. Even if a participant clicks on multiple links or on the same link multiple times, it will only contribute one unique click.

  • Marked Spam: The number of recipients who marked the email spam.

  • Bounce Rate: The number of emails that were Bounced.

  • Unsubscribed: The number of recipients/users who unsubscribed from receiving the Newsletter.

    Note: Currently, the unsubscribed participant statistics do not get updated in the Newsletter delivery metrics.

You might notice that the number of recipients does not equal the number of emails delivered, even though you have selected the entire database as a mailing list. There are a variety of reasons why your emails are NOT delivered:

  • Participants are blocked

  • Participants are still pending activation

  • Participants have previously unsubscribed

  • Participants whose email address has previously bounced in our emailing system, e.g. because of a full inbox or an otherwise invalid email address

  • Only project admins get emails

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