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How to create a new survey by cloning an existing survey.

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Cloning a survey allows you to copy any existing survey from your projects. Instead of creating a survey every time, you can replicate surveys within one project or from one project to another. Cloning surveys is the best option if:

  • You've built a robust survey for one project and want to publish something similar on another, such as a reusable template for the description.

  • When you clone a survey, inactive questions will not copy across. Use the clone function if you have an existing survey with too many inactive questions and want to clean it up.

  • You have to amend a published survey; you'll have two datasets, but your data won't be as corrupted as if you changed an existing survey.

After cloning a survey, you can change the settings or questions as much as required; you just use an existing survey as a base.

To clone a survey:

  1. Go to Projects > Projects and select the correct project from the list.

  2. Select Add a tool and choose Surveys from the tools list.

  3. Select Clone a survey.

  4. Use the Select project dropdown menu to choose the project housing the original survey and the Select survey dropdown menu to pick which survey to clone.

  5. Select Clone, and you will go to the Edit Survey options of the replica survey.

  6. Make any required changes to the Details, Manage Questions, and Settings tabs of the new survey and Save.

  7. Your cloned survey will be in draft; you can Publish it when you're ready.

Once you have cloned a survey, you can change anything in the Details, Manage Questions, and Settings tabs.

The content will be copied exactly from the original survey, so consider if you need to edit the Title, Description, Permalink, or Participation Type and if you need to add any questions. Existing questions can be deleted while the survey is in draft and has no responses, and you can set them to Inactive to hide them on published surveys.

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