Create Custom (Draw in eHQ) Map Layers

Understand how to draw a line, rectangle or other polygon shapes on your Places map to provide additional information.

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The Custom (Draw in eHQ) layer option allows you to draw custom lines, rectangles, and polygons on your places map.

Once you have created your Places tool:

  1. In the Add Map Layer tab, use the Add a map layer dropdown menu to select Custom (Draw in eHQ).

  2. Add a Name for your layer and select your drawing tool. You can use a rectangle, polygon, or line tool.

  3. Use the crosshair cursor to start drawing the required shape and select Finish when the shape is complete. The polygon shape must have at least three points before you can close it and, you can also select the first point to close it. The line tool must have 2 points before you can finish drawing, and you can finish it by selecting the last point you made.

  4. You can use the pen icon to edit each point in your shapes, and the bin icon to remove shapes or Clear All.

  5. Select Done when you’re finished drawing; you cannot continue drawing once you select Done.

  6. Expand your layer in the list to edit the Name, Color, Opacity, Width (in px), or Restrict Pins Within boundary. A boundary restriction will ensure that participants can only submit pins within the rectangle or polygon you create.

  7. Use the eye icon to Hide your layer or the bin icon to Delete it. Save when you’re finished editing, or Cancel your changes and continue adding layers until you’re finished.

  8. Drag and drop your layers in the list to reorder them.

  9. Save when you’re finished.

You can add as many shapes to your map as necessary, but if each shape needs different settings, they must be through separate layers.

Please note that shapes drawn with a line are considered open, so you can only change the color and border width, not the opacity or boundary restriction.

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