Create a group of your imported participants

Group or tag your participants after a bulk import.

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When you import a list of participants into EnagagementHQ you may want to create a group based on that import. This is particularly important if you are importing a list of people for a community reference group, citizens jury or any other list of people whom you would like to import and tag together.

To import a list of participants into EnagagementHQ, use the detailed instructions provided in the article Bulk importing participants into EngagementHQ.

Follow the steps below in order to make a group of your recently imported participants.

Grouping Imported Participants

Once you have imported your participants, you can filter your participant database using the Imported filter then select Yes to select only the imported participants.

If there have been previous imports as well, then click on the + Filter dropdown and select Joined to filter by the Joined date, in this example, we have used Joined date, less than, 365, to filter the imported participants who were recently imported.

You should now see a list of your recently imported participants. 

If you create a group of only the Imported and Joined date, less than, 365 filters you applied to reveal your list, the group will change over time because it will constantly update to reflect a list that fulfills those parameters.

To avoid this you should first tag the participants using the Bulk Tag Participants field.

To tag these participants, select the checkbox next to each of the participants you'd like to tag, or simply select the top checkbox to select all.

Click on Bulk tag, provide a tag name, and then click on Add. This tag should be something relevant to the group of people you have just uploaded.

Now that you have added a participant tag to each group member, clear your filters and search for the participant tag you have just entered in the Participant Tag filter option.

You can now create a group based on this participant tag to ensure that it is a fixed group.

To create this group, click on Group, enter the group name then click on Save.

You have successfully created a new group of your last uploaded participants which can be used to assign to protected projects or for newsletters.

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