An important step in setting up your site is to develop and review a privacy policy.

A privacy policy outlines how your organization treats personal information about individuals who visit and use your website. Bang the Table has provided a privacy policy template to help you think about the things your policy should cover.

Our privacy policy template helps you explain the following;

  • Which personal information is collected by you

  • How the information collected is used

  • How users can request access or correct their personal information

You can make changes to our privacy policy template as required, except you must maintain a link to Bang the Table's Privacy Policy.

We strongly recommend that you do not remove the paragraph in the privacy policy which alludes to this:

"The software platform this website runs on and associated technology operations are provided by Bang the Table Pty Ltd. The Privacy Policy governing their service is available at"

You will be able to preview the privacy policy, but by default, Site admins will not be able to edit default static pages such as Privacy policy, Cookie Policy, Accessibility etc. If you wish to make any changes to the Privacy policy (or any other default static page), kindly contact our support team at, so that we can review and make the required changes for you.

If you need any assistance with your privacy policy, we recommend you work closely with your legal team to develop the policy. 

You can also reach out to your Engagement Manager or our support team via chat or email at if you have any questions about our template.

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