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Learn how to setup or change your project image.

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The Project Image is the main visual identifier for your project. It’s found in various places around your EngagementHQ site, such as:

  • The featured image in your project description

  • On the homepage project lists

  • The featured image on an All Projects list

  • In search engine results

To manage the image:

  1. On your project page, select Set Project Image or go to Settings > Project Image.

  2. Under Add Image, either Click to upload an image or use the Unsplash gallery to search for a stock image.

  3. Once selected, use Edit image to:

    • Move the viewfinder to choose what part of the image to show

    • Set the Crop ratio to 16:9, 4:3, 1:1, or Free

    • Rotate to the left or right

    • Flip the image horizontally or vertically

    • Reset to undo your edits

  4. Under Image Options, add an Image Alternative Text for screen readers and SEO.

  5. Under Image Layout, choose how your image aligns with the text:

    • Left: the image sits to the left, and the text wraps around it

    • Center: the image sits in the center and breaks the text

    • Right: the image sits to the right, and the text wraps around it

    • None: the image will not show in the project description but will display on lists

  6. Save your changes.

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