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Changing or removing the project banner
Changing or removing the project banner
Understand how to add and edit your project banner
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When you open your selected project, the image displayed at the top of the screen is referred to as the project banner image as shown below.

To change or remove the project banner, click on Edit Banner.  

The following Edit Banner page is displayed.

Click on the banner to upload a new one. You can remove the existing banner by clicking on the bin symbol near the file name of the existing banner. You can upload .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif images only. Avoid images with a file size greater than 1MB. Enter a caption for the image, if required, in the Image Alternative Text box. Click Save to save the changes.

You can also crop a portion from the uploaded banner image to be displayed by using the default fixed ratios or crop it as per your requirement. Other editing options are rotating left/right and invert.

However, these editing options don't help resize the banner image to the required dimensions. You will need to upload a banner with at least 1400 pixels in width. It can be any height.

Note - When a banner is added in the section 'Project Banner Override' (under Appearance > Logo, Icons and Images) and if the toggle 'Show site banner on project pages' is enabled, it will replace all the banners on project pages. This can be controlled by turning the toggle off.

All themes support project banners. Also read our related article on managing your project image.

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