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This article shows you how to link to your All Projects page to showcase published and archived projects.

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All EngagementHQ sites come with a page to showcase all publicly visible projects. The All Projects page displays all published and archived projects in one visual grid. Linking to this page in your main navigation builds trust and transparency with your community. It also reminds you to close the loop and update past projects with outcomes.

When users visit the All Projects page, they can filter projects by All, Published, and Archived or search for projects by name. Four pages are displayed per row, ordered by the publish date. Each project will show its title, status, and image, but projects with Protected or Panelled visibility won’t appear on the list. Additionally, hidden archived pages are invisible.

Set up your All Projects page

Your All Projects page comes ready to go; all you need to do is create a link in your navigation.

  1. Go to Appearance > Home Page Editor > Sections > Header > Links and select Edit links.

  2. Select Add Link and give your link a Custom Title.

  3. Select All Projects from the Link Type dropdown menu.

  4. Save your link to add it to your navigation menu.

Although you can’t customize this page, you can influence which images display; if available, the Project Image is used first. If there’s no Project Image, any image in the Project Description is used instead. Images display at 200px x 170px, and we recommend using square images to fit this dimension.

If you don’t want a menu item for your All Projects page, you can create a link by adding “/projects” to the end of your site’s URL. For example, “” If you don’t want an All Projects page, you can just ignore it.

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