Project cloning allows you to clone a project's basic structure. This means that the project description (as it is, with text, images etc) and the widgets get copied. However, the tools and the content in the widgets are not cloned.

Most of your widgets will be cloned empty and you can copy the required widgets using the widget copy feature, with the exception that your custom widgets will be cloned with the content copied (e.g. Twitter, SlideShare, etc.).

To clone a project, in the side navigation bar, click on Projects to view the Projects page. On this page, click on the Clone button.

On clicking this button, the Project Clone page is displayed.

Select the project that you want to clone and click the Clone button. A copy of the cloned project is created and the project page is displayed on your screen.

Your cloned project has ‘(copy)’ added to its name and '+1' to the permalink. If the permalink of the project is 'test1' then the new permalink will now show as 'test2'. You can change both, name and the permalink, after you have cloned the project. Please note that the new name need to be unique.

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