Bulk tagging provides an option to tag several participants at once making it easy to search through your participant database using the tag.
Creating a tag is not the same as creating a group. With tags, you can create a sort of custom filter for your participants. The tag created can then be used as a filter to create a group of participants.

The steps below explain how to tag multiple participants at once and then create a group with them.

  1. Select the Participant link from the left menu of EHQ. This displays the Participants page.

2. Apply any filters that you require to help you narrow your search. Choose your required participants by selecting the checkboxes next to the screen name of the participant. You can also select the top checkbox to select all participants.

3. Enter a new tag name (or choose an existing tag) for the selected participants in the Bulk Tag Participants box. 

4. Click Add Tags.

5. A confirmation is seen on the button itself once the tags are added as Added Tags.

6. The tagged participants can now be filtered to create a group by using the Participant Tag filter.

7. Enter or search for the tag, the filtered list of participants are displayed. Provide a group name and click on New Group.

This will create a new group of participants to use for your specific activity.

You can now use this newly created group to restrict project visibility or send a newsletter.

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