This feature is very useful to create a group of participants for restricting project visibility or sending a targeted newsletter. You can add a tag to each of the participants you would like to categorize. Then just the tag can be used, to filter the participants and create a new group. 

The below steps describe how to add a tag to a participant.

  1. Select the Participant link from the left menu of EHQ.

This displays the Participants page

2. Click on View or Edit under Actions to edit a participant’s profile, Or you can also directly click on a participant’s screen name. 

3. Either create a new tag, or choose an existing tag. 

In the above example a new tag 'Pet owner' has been assigned to the participant.

4. You can now filter the participants by selecting this tag in the participants page.

5.  The filtered list of participants will be displayed. You can save this list as a new group if required.

6. Click on New Group to save this newly created group. 

Note: Participant tags can have multiple words but we do not recommend using commas (,) as this will create 2 separate tags instead of one.

You can now use this newly created group to restrict project visibility or send a newsletter.

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