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View and edit participant profile and email, monitor their activity and add useful notes.

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The Participants page has detailed information about each participant, which includes their demographic information and activity on your site. You can add tags to participants to create highly targeted segments of your community.

  1. Select the Participants link from the left menu of EnagagementHQ.

This displays the Participants page.

2. Click on the eye icon under Actions to edit a participant’s profile and view the activity and notes. You can also directly click on a participant’s screen name.

The following figure illustrates the Profile section. This section details the sign-up form questions answered by the participant.

The following figure illustrates the Activity section. This section details the participant's activity on the site, showing the level of engagement.
NOTE: This includes all major contributions. Minor contributions such as voting on ideas and commenting, though not displayed here, do make the participant 'engaged'. You can edit this section by clicking on the Edit option

The following figure illustrates the Notes section.

3. Under the Actions dropdown, there are options for an admin to upgrade or block a participant profile. These are highlighted in the figure below.

Read the article Blocking Participants for details of blocking a participant. To upgrade a participant to an administrator read the detailed article on How to change a participant to an administrator.

To edit participant information, go to the profile section, click on the Edit option and then update the field required. When you update an email address on a participant's profile, a verification email is sent to the user. Once the verification is complete, the new email address is updated on the profile.

4. On the right side of the participant information, at any time you can add a note for the participant in the Notes section provided.

Also, a tag can be added for the participant, read the detailed article on Participant tags.

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