Bondi is a flexible theme template that allows you to create stunning collections of  online engagement projects. Bondi allows you to automatically update collections on your homepage based on tagging, enabling you to manage your site more effectively.

Use this resource to help you decide if Bondi is right for your project and learn about some of its core features. Check it out in action.

When should I use Bondi?

Changing the theme of your site is not something your organisation will want to do regularly as you don't want to confuse your stakeholder. For this reason, Bondi should be used with strategic thinking in mind. It's best to choose a theme at the beginning of your project during your site scoping period. Bondi is the right theme for you if you would like to;

  • Create theme collections of projects using a variety of different card lists and designs.

  • Develop a single project site that requires quick and easy access to project information and engagement opportunities

  • manage your project collections automatically using project tags.

  • re-invigorate your engagement practices and re-launch your online engagement space with your community.

  • be able to utilise call to action controls from your homepage to direct people to more information.

  • utilise EHQ Hubs functionality and would like a homepage that can collect projects from your different Hubs

What are the main features of Bondi?

Bondi is made up of three different homepage card styles, a featured project banner and flexible homepage widgets to bring information such as key dates and FAQs right to your stakeholders. Below are some of the main features explained:

Two in a Row

Two in a row is a card style that allows you to feature projects utilising a larger excerpt and also pulling in key information about the project. This card style is great for highlighting your most important projects.

Three in a Row

This card style allows you to collect up to three cards per row and is a great way to present projects that people might already be aware of and have project updates. It is also a good way to link directly to engagement tools so people can get involved right from your home page.

Four in a Row

This allows you to collect up to four cards per row and might be used to display projects which have outcomes or have been completed. 

Note: You can use any combinations of these cards styles to collect your projects. There are no rules that limit how you display the card lists or what you can link to, except that you are limited to a total number of 3 card lists per homepage and 3 rows per list.

Automated project association

Automated project association uses project tags to automatically assign your most current projects to the relevant card list. You can still choose to assign your projects manually, however automation allows you to set and forget and works great for collecting projects based around themes. (eg. Water, Transport, Cities)



Above you can see the option to "select cards by" is set to auto and the project tag associated with it is TESTING. This means that any published project with the tag TESTING will automatically be added to this collection.

Call To Action

The homepage also features a call to action button that lets you link to more content. This feature works well if you would like to link directly to a Hub page or even to our 'All Projects' list.

Note: The All Projects list can be found on any site by visiting your

Homepage Widgets

Homepage widgets allow you to pull important project information such as FAQs and Key Dates onto the homepage of your Bondi site. This helps you clearly identify important information for your stakeholders.

How do I activate Bondi?

You can preview all of our themes by visiting the Site Management > Theme section of your administration portal. However, if you would like to switch your theme you will need to get in-touch with our support team via and we will direct you to one of our Engagement Managers to help you through the migration.

What do I need to consider before I use Bondi?

Before you get started with Bondi you will need to think about the following, to make sure you have everything ready to go.

  • Think about your tagging structure. Automated lists of project using this theme are generated using project tags. Ensure you have thought about how you will use tagging to automatically generate your content.

Note: Using project tags such as #featured #decision-pending #Outcome-delivered could be a good way to group your projects. However, if you do this you will be required to edit the project tag, of each project, as you want it to move through to the next section as the project progresses. In this case it might be easier to simply use manual card assignment.

  • Have you assigned project images to all of your projects and are they correctly sized? Check out our Best Image Sizes in EHQ guide for information on the best images sizes to use in Bondi.

  • What colour palette are you going to use? To help our Engagement Managers migrate your site over to Bondi, you will need to advise us on your primary brand colours.

  • Ensure you have a logo.

  • Draw up a site map on a piece of paper and map out how you would like to link your projects together. Think about your site structure and how you would like people to access conversations, information and other engagement opportunities.

  • When are you going to launch? If you are switching theme you should schedule a time to work with us on your switch over. If you are a new user and haven't yet launched your site, you have more time to manage the setup.

Note: Some of our admins like to activate the Site Block so their stakeholders cannot see the webpage while the theme switch is occurring. 

How long will it take to setup a site using Bondi?

If you have an existing site with projects, you should plan for about a day to make the migration over to the new theme. Although it won't actually take this long to complete with the help of our Engagement Managers, you should always make provisions for testing before you set your refreshed site live.

If you are setting up a new EHQ site, time is on your side and you should be able to get your site setup within a couple of days.

Remember, with any online project, proper planning is essential to the successful execution of your work.

I want to switch over now!

Please get in-touch with our support team via and we will arrange to help you through this process.

What's Next? Learn how to edit and manage your Bondi themed site in the article on Managing Bondi. 

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