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Pre-Populate your Map with Pins

Add known pins to your Places map prior to the start of your consultation.

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Once you have set up the Places tool, administrators can use the pins to share information. For example, an organization consulting their community on where to create a new dog park can use an admin marker to show existing parks before asking participants to suggest locations.

To achieve this, admins should submit pins before publishing the tool and then hide the marker they used so participants can’t use it. Once the tool is published, participants will use a different marker to differentiate their submissions.

Before you start, remember that you cannot delete a pin submission once you submit, nor can you delete pin categories after a response is made. Admins can edit the location, comment, and image by using the three dots menu to select Edit.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Before you Publish the tool, select Preview to open the participant view of the tool.

  2. Select Add Pin and drag the relevant pin category to the required location. If you restricted the pins within a boundary for participants, and your pin needs to lie outside of it, you may need to temporarily turn this off.

  3. Add any necessary comment, image, or survey response and select Submit to drop the pin. The responses you add here could be useful to convey information to participants and exemplify the response you're looking for.

  4. When all admin pins are dropped, go to the Add Pins tab of your Places settings and use the dropdown menu to Hide it.

  5. Save your settings

Participants can now only use the available pin categories to contribute; the admin marker will be hidden from them. They can also select the admin pins to see any additional information you added.

The administrator’s username will be visible on the submission, and you cannot remove it. Instead, you can edit the username in Team to represent your organization.

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