You can hyperlink documents from your project 'Document Library' into your Engagement Tools like Forum, News Article, Survey etc.

Copy the document link from the Document Widget. To obtain the link, right click on the desired document and select “Save Link As” (MAC) or "Copy Link Address" (PC).

Once you have decided what link you want to use, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to desired location (Project Description, news article etc) and select “edit”.
2. Enter desired text to contain the link and highlight the text.
3. Select the Insert link icon.

4. In the URL field paste in copied URL of the document.
5. The higlighted text for the URL is displayed in the Text box, this can be edited as required.
6. Click Insert to apply changes.

7. To add a link to the document library widget on a project page containing all the folders , click on the more button and then you get to the whole document Library listed on a page. Copy this URL and paste is wherever required using the Insert Link option.

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