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Adding hard copy/paper copy survey responses
Adding hard copy/paper copy survey responses

Know how to submit offline/ hard copy/ paper copy surveys in your EngagementHQ site as an administrator.

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Sometimes surveys are conducted in hard copy/ paper copy format as well as online. You can add these hard copy/ paper copy surveys online by taking the survey as admin. The following pointers describe how to do this.

  • Make sure that the survey is either published or archived. Responses made to surveys that are in 'draft' mode will NOT save.

  • The project still needs to be published, even though the survey can be archived.

  • You must be logged in as an administrator.

Navigate to the survey in the project and click on the Preview button.

The participant view of the survey tool is displayed.

  • Note: You can take the survey even if it is closed for the participants. The message 'CLOSED: This survey has concluded will be displayed for an archived survey.

  • Next, click on the Complete Form button. Please note that based on your survey settings, this button might also be labelled as Take Survey or have some Custom Text. 

  • Enter all the details of the hard copy/ paper copy form into the survey and submit the completed survey.

As an admin, you can take the survey as many times as you wish even though participants are allowed to make only one submission.

Note: It will take a couple of hours for the survey response to be visible in the reports.

Point to consider: If you plan to combine or use hard copy/ paper copy surveys with online surveys, it would help to add some demographic questions on the online survey, so that they appear in the hard copy/ paper copy (PDF) as well. This way, you can collect the demographic information of participants through their hard copy/ paper copy responses, even if they're not registered participants on EngagementHQ.

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