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Use the Signup Banner to attract new participation

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Activating the signup banner on your project page is a great way to encourage new participants to register and participate on your site. By doing this you will be able to capture important registration information from your participants and allow them to get involved with tools that are set for registered participants.

The signup banner will display only if the participant is not a registered user on your site, prompting them to register. If a previously registered participant is signed in the banner, it will NOT be displayed on the project page. This also holds good for Admins, who are working on the project. If the 'Preview' button is clicked, then Admins can see the banner. However if they open the project page by any other route while being logged in, the Sign up banner will not show.

In order to add the Signup Banner widget, just follow the steps described below :

Select the Projects link in the navigation bar of EngagementHQ and click on your specific project.

Click on the Project name to open the page as shown below.

Click on the Add Widgets button to add the Signup Banner widget to your project. A list of widgets is displayed on a draw from the right of the screen. Click on Signup Banner.

Now, you can view the Signup Banner page on your screen. In this page, you can enter the details that you would want to appear on the signup banner. There are two types of banners; Html Banner and Image Banner.

Html Banner
To use an HTML banner, click on the Html Banner radio button in the Signup Banner page.

The following fields are displayed.

  • Call-To-Action box: Enter the text that must appear on the button. For example, you can enter the word “Register”.

  • Banner box: Enter the text that must appear on the signup banner. For example, you can enter “to get involved!”

You can enhance the appearance of the signup banner by changing the background colours. To do this, click on the colour palette given in the page, select a colour of your choice and click on the Choose button. The selected colour is displayed in the signup banner. Finally, click on the Save & Close button.

The selected colours are displayed in the background of the signup banner, as indicated below.

After making the necessary changes, click on the Save & Close button.

Image Banner

To select an image for your signup banner, click on the Image Banner radio button. The following screen is displayed. 

Click in the 'Select from image gallery' box and select any image from our default collection to be uploaded. Images from the desktop can also be upload by clicking on the box 'Select from device'. Supported formats are .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif.

Enter an appropriate alternative text in the Alt text field to understand the importance of ALT text, read the importance of ALT attributes in images.

After entering the details in the provided fields, click on the button 'Save & Close'. The Signup Banner widget is now available in your project page.

Display of Banner

You can edit or manage your Signup Banner widget by clicking on the title. Also, you can preview the project by clicking on the Preview button located at the top end of your project page. Clicking on the button displays participant’s view of all the tools and widgets in the project.

The preview is displayed in a new tab as indicated below.

If you do not want the Signup Banner widget to be displayed in the published project, select the Hide option. To permanently delete the widget from your project, select the Delete option. Please note that the Delete action CANNOT be undone. 

Given below is the preview of the project with the Hide option selected. In this case, the Signup Banner widget is hidden in the preview.

Note - The Signup banner will be displayed in the project page or home page only once the site is launched and made public, however, to check a new user experience, you will have to be logged out and your browser cache cleared.

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email

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