Use Who's Listening to Display Profiles

Display profiles or contact information of team and panel members using the Who's Listening widget

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The Who’s Listening widget allows you to present people who are involved with the consultation. You can show a person’s name, role, organization, contact details, and bio. The widget can help drive engagement by:

  • Showing your participants who on your team is listening to them

  • Introducing members of protected or paneled projects to each other

  • Providing contact information for your organization

You can have more than one Who’s Listening widget per project.

To add the widget:

  1. Select Add Widgets on the project page and choose Who’s Listening from the Select Widgets menu.

  2. Edit the widget title by selecting the pen icon next to it or check Hide title to hide it.

  3. Select Add Team Member from the dropdown menu to add a new profile.

  4. The Name and Role of the team member are required, but you can also provide the Photo, Organization, Phone, Email, and Bio. The Phone field has a 20-character limit, but there is no limit for the Bio field, although we recommend keeping it brief. Additionally, we recommend using a square 200x200px image for the Photo field and the corners will be cut automatically.

  5. Save & Close when you’re finished. You can add as many team members as necessary, and you can select the pen icon next to each one to edit it or the bin icon to delete.

  6. Another option is to select Copy Existing Team Member, allowing you to reuse profiles from other projects. Use the Select project dropdown to choose the correct project and check each profile you want to copy.

  7. Select Add to Widget when you’re finished. You can also use this option as many times as necessary to add profiles from multiple projects.

  8. Drag and drop profiles in the list to reorder them and enable Hide team member image to conceal the Photo.

  9. You can also choose how to order your profiles and use the number field to decide how many to show. Any additional photos are visible behind the More... link, which takes you to the Who’s Listening widget page. You can choose from:

    • Show Top (in the order the photos are in)

    • Show Recent (the most recently added first)

Widgets are automatically saved and published to your project and listed in the widgets section of your project page. You can also use the dropdown menu to Show or Hide it on your project, the bin icon to delete it, or select the title to edit it.

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