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How to set up and use the Related Projects widget

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Related projects widget allows you to link related projects together to help drive engagement. This is a great way to try and cross-pollinate interest across your projects. You can also use this widget to simply highlight any other project/s of your choice. This widget is used to showcase already published projects and/or archived projects.

The following steps describe how to set up the Related Projects widget on your EngagementHQ page:

Go to the respective project and then click on the "Add Widgets". A list of widgets is displayed on a draw from the right of the screen. Click on Related Projects.

In the Related Projects page, click on the Select Projects button to view the Add projects page.

You can choose published and archived projects from the list.

After selecting the necessary projects, click on the Save & Close button in the Add projects page. Select the maximum number of related projects to be displayed in the widget at the front end by clicking on the up and down arrow of the Show maximum box. You can also enter the count. This list will keep auto-updating until it displays 5 projects in the widget on the project page. If additional projects are selected to be displayed, they will appear in the widget page when you click the More tab

Click on the Auto-select newly created projects checkbox to auto-select projects that are to be displayed in the widget when they are newly created. Click on the Auto-select newly archived projects to auto-select projects to be displayed in the widget when they are archived. In the below example, the project has pulled a recently published project.

Select the Hide title checkbox if you do not want the title to appear in the published project. 

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