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Sustaining Long Term Community Engagement
Sustaining Long Term Community Engagement

Dive into the tactics and strategies our clients have deployed to generate sustained, meaningful online engagement.

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The traditional public outreach process involves hosting a few public meetings, posting materials on the city website and community boards as legally required, and sending an e-blast with a link to a survey. These methods can often ‘check the box’ in the short term, but fail to build capacity for future interactions.

Join Bang the Table for a webinar demonstrating how to achieve long-term results through online community engagement. Clients worldwide are transitioning from a short-term, “check the box” public outreach approach to sustained, meaningful community engagement. Discover how these local governments made the transition and key strategies that set them up for success for years to come.

Chris Meschuk, Assistant City Manager with the City of Boulder shares that “[EngagementHQ] helped us quickly gather information from the community, especially groups and populations that do not come to the in-person meetings. It helped us understand the key issues for the community using the quick survey and question tools, that shaped our recommendations on next steps in the project to the City Council.”

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