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A key role of local governments in Australia is to advocate on behalf of their residents for the improvement of services, infrastructure and amenity especially when these resources are the responsibility of the State and Federal Governments or other third parties. To ensure the needs of growing communities are supported, local governments need to advocate on behalf of their communities to access the necessary funds required to deliver for their communities.

Hear from Sid Wynen, Team Leader Engagement, Advocacy and Stakeholder Relations at the City of Casey and Dinuki Scharenguivel, Engagement Manager Bang the Table, on how the City of Casey conducted its biggest and most successful advocacy campaign in the lead up to the November 2018 Victoria State Elections with the help of their community in leading the campaign to ensure their voices were heard by candidates from both major parties.

Highly recommended for communications, community engagement and advocacy officers in local government to hear about how to design, develop and deliver a community led advocacy campaign in the lead up to a state or federal election.

What you’ll learn:

  • Importance of having a strategic approach to advocacy with the development of an Advocacy Strategy, supported by Councillors.

  • How to bring the community into the prioritisation of projects to advocate on behalf of

  • Using a principle based approach to defining Council’s advocacy priorities

  • Things to consider when designing a community led campaign

  • How to measure and evaluate advocacy campaigns

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