Beyond the Survey

Learn when it is appropriate to deploy surveys and other tools

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Of all the tools in a communications professional’s toolbox, surveys are often the most heavily used. Surveys are familiar, predictable, and uncontroversial. However, surveys alone cannot approach the power of a holistic community engagement strategy. What is your organization missing out on by limiting itself to surveys in the community engagement process?

Watch Bang the Table’s Engagement Manager, Jeremy Shackett on a webinar about how to think beyond the survey.

The webinar will examine:

• How to manage the potential risks and pitfalls of surveys
• When it is appropriate to deploy surveys
• How to choose the right combination of listening tools for your project
• How to foster more meaningful conversations with your residents
• How online community engagement can build public trust in your organization

Discussion topics will be backed up by case studies of how local governments across the country are leveraging online tools to foster a more productive dialogue with their residents.

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