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Work with us to align the look and feel of your EngagementHQ to your corporate website

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Bring the look and feel of your organization’s brand to your EngagementHQ site. In a Brand Integration, we will help you incorporate your unique website header, footer, and style sheets into your engagement site.

EngagementHQ Brand Integrations are the perfect option for any organization working through a digital transformation to streamline customer experience or those who simply want to create a more impactful presence. 

What do we do?

Going through your corporate website we are looking for design elements and navigation structures that can be applied to EngagementHQ. The navigation elements can be done statically or called through dynamically via JSON or XML files, provided by you. 

We do all the heavy lifting, which means we will provide the mockups, build the style sheets and we incorporate the navigation. All you need to do is to provide us with files, such as images and fonts, where required and give us feedback along the way. 

We can coordinate via calls or emails, the channel of communication is up to you.

How long does it take? 

We allocate about four weeks of work from when the designs have been approved. We have a track record of a much quicker workaround, but we tend to allow a bit more time to be sure. 

What is the pricing?

The exact pricing depends on the depth of customizations as well as your type of EngagementHQ license. Contact us to find out more. 

Can I see examples?

We have plenty and plenty of examples. Here is a couple that we particularly like. This list is growing all the time. For more recent examples, give us a shout. 

Contact us to find out more." change this to "Contact us via chat or email to find out more.

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