EngagementHQ Contribution API

Overview of EngagementHQ's Contribution API

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EngagementHQ can be integrated with other applications and tools using the in-built APIs provided. The EngagementHQ API is REST based and uses user JSON for serialization and Basic Authentication over SSL for authentication and encrypted communication. The access credentials of an admin user in the EngagementHQ site in question can be used to access the API. Non-admin access is not available.

Typical Site Structure

Every organisation that works with EngagementHQ usually has one EngagementHQ license that allows them to maintain a single EngagementHQ site. There are some cases where multiple EngagementHQ sites are covered under the same license. If that is the case, each site is still managed and administered individually.

Each site is unique in its domain and all calls are made directly to the site's domain. Below is a visual representation of a simplified typical EngagementHQ site structure.

API Utilisation

We reserve the right to implement changes to our API as required and will endeavor to communicate changes to our customers if they are required. Our API is strictly monitored for misuse and to ensure performance. Any parties found to be misusing our APIs for malicious use may face penalties or sanctions.

API Support

We provide support for our API as per our other products and services and are happy to answer your questions and resolve any issues. Please contact our support team via support@engagementhq.com if you have any concerns. We do not provide support for 3rd party integration design and development unless we have otherwise been engaged via a services agreement.

API Documentation

To access further API documentation in our Help Desk, you must be logged into your EngagementHQ site as an admin. You may also request an offline version of our documentation via request to our support team.

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