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What does a busy Guestbook look like?

An example of a published guestbook in use by participants.

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The Guestbook tool in EngagementHQ has been used as a multipurpose tool for collecting opinions, feedback, and even ideas from participants. Users submit their comments for public display encouraging others to offer their thoughts as well. Admins can request comments on specific topics or on a broad variety of topics. 

Let's have a look at a busy guestbook tool.

The admins on this site have chosen to use the guestbook tool to collect feedback about any aspect of their project. You will notice that fellow users are happy and motivated to see a lot of feedback and ideas about the project.

The admin team has also employed a very innovative way of closing the consultation, "There will be more opportunities to have your say as the project progresses." This message helps build alacrity among participants for further opportunities to share their feedback on the project.

Although the guestbook doesn't have room for back and forth replies like a forum, users will often engage with each other's ideas appreciating or debating their points of view. A rough time frame dating back to when the comment was posted will also appear to the public, allowing them to view recent or older comments. 

Users can add brief or even essay-type comments, without the display of the comment being compromised. It will automatically adjust and align per the reader's screen. 

Users can simply copy-paste links to a webpage, allowing admins and participants to access these links. 

A guestbook tool is a great way to gauge the mood of your target audience. Their satisfaction and aspirations are associated with the current consultation, project or proposal. Now learn how to get started on using the Guestbook Tool!

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