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Calculating the percentage of Aware, Informed and Engaged
Calculating the percentage of Aware, Informed and Engaged

Use the correct numbers in your summary report to calculate percentages for comparison.

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Since these three categories of visitors are subsets of each other, there are queries on how the numbers add up to 100%. What we mean by subsets is:

Engaged visitors are always also informed AND aware.
Informed visitors are always also aware, but NOT engaged.
Aware visitors are always just aware and NOT informed or engaged. 

Take an example number from a summary report, as below, start by using your 'Aware' visitors who make the 100% base for your calculations.

Engaged visitors are 8 of 381 which is 2.1%.
Informed visitors are calculated from the 169 of 381 but subtracting the 2.1 % which are also engaged. i.e. 169 of 381 is 44.4%  (but 2.1% of those are also engaged) Therefore, 44.4% - 2.1% = 42.3% are only informed and not engaged.
Aware visitors are the remaining from 100, i.e. 100 - 42.3 - 2.1 = 55.6%.

Hence you could conclude that 55.6% of all visitors were just aware, 42.3% of visitors were informed, but NOT engaged and 2.1% of visitors were engaged.

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