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How to use the Questions (Q&A) tool for an effective engagement
How to use the Questions (Q&A) tool for an effective engagement

Understand when and how you can use the Questions tool in your next engagement.

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Effective communication involves listening to questions and answering these questions in a manner as relevant and as crisp as possible. Imagine you had access to a board, where users would post questions and you could determine whether you'd like to answer these questions on the board or have a personal conversation with the user.

Well, our Questions tool is very similar to a board with questions posted as sticky notes. You can choose to reply to each question publicly or privately. You have full control of the board allowing you to not respond to spam questions or simply erase irrelevant material. 

Please see the below example of a Questions tool. The council decided to open the Questions tool to questions regarding any and all council matters. They were also diligent enough to provide an estimated time-frame of 2 working days to respond to questions; ensuring that they were prepared for dealing with an enormous number of questions or questions that needed further investigation.

Each question is accompanied by a relevant answer and by adding 'tags' to each question you can help categorize questions for your audience. Visitors can choose to view questions according to the desired tag. A tab with the name 'Hi' will appear on the tool, clicking it would direct users to all questions with this tag. 

Our text editor function will help you respond to questions in bullet points, add important links and add videos/photos to respond clearly. Notice how the project team has carefully evaluated questions and not provided template responses. You can respond to questions, collect feedback or ideas or simply acknowledge concerns. 

Per the image below, please know that you can even 'edit' public answers for each question when you have an update. As soon as you submit the revisions to the answer on the back-end, an automatic email notification is triggered to the participant who asked the question.

Automatic emails are sent to users as soon as you reply to their question on the Questions tool, hence participants are immediately informed that their query has been responded to.

When can I use the Questions Tool?

Question-and-answer sessions can be highly educational when inserted into projects/events effectively.

  1.  Can be used before the start of a project - to collect questions and educate users about the upcoming engagement.

  2.  Can be used after a presentation/event/session - to effectively gauge whether your audience understood your content and answer any queries.

  3.  Can be used as a tool to directly collect feedback about a project or issue - you can acknowledge their concerns and let them know the measures that you've taken or plan to take. 

What's next?

Start by adding this tool to your project by following the detailed instructions in this article on Adding the Q&A tool.

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email

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