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Understand when and how you can use the Q&A tool in your next engagement.

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The Q&A tool allows your community to ask questions that you can answer privately or publicly. Administrators have control over which questions are published to the project, which you answer privately, and any that can be deleted due to spam or relevancy.

As publicly answered questions are published to the project, the Q&A tool also functions as an FAQ repository. You can also tag questions to categorize them; site visitors can select specific tags to filter the questions.

This tool is helpful in several scenarios:

  • Collect questions and educate users about an upcoming consultation

  • Gauge an audience’s understanding of a project, presentation, or event

  • Directly collect feedback about an issue

  • Acknowledge your community’s concerns and provide updates

  • On your About page, to answer FAQs about using your site

This tool can fit into most projects, as it improves information flow, clarifies project queries, and provides a safe forum for personal questions from your community.

How it works

Once you have published the Q&A tool, participants can Submit questions on the project page. Once submitted, administrators can use the Manage Questions tab to answer them privately or publicly. Publicly answered questions are published on the project page. The participant who submitted the question is notified via email when their question is answered and saved.

Participants can see any other publicly answered questions on the project page as well. They can also use the search function to search by keyword or the tags to filter the list. Questions will not appear on the project page unless an admin has publicly answered them and will remain visible after the tool is archived.

When answering questions, admins have access to a complete text editor; you can use images, links, videos, or styling to help you draft your answer. Additionally, admins can edit publicly answered questions, and the participant will receive an email notifying them of the update; privately answered questions cannot be edited.

Add the Q&A tool to your project to help keep your community informed.

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