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Establishing an Online Citizens Panel
Establishing an Online Citizens Panel

Learn how to recruit and prepare for an online citizen panel.

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Utilising an online citizens panel or dedicated group of community residents, can be a great way to increase participation in your community consultations.

In this webinar, Dr. Robyn Cochrane of Cochrane Research Solutions will take us through the process of planning and establishing an online residents panel project.

Drawing from her extensive industry experience, Robyn will examine key organisational decision points to consider, prior to recruiting participants as well as steps for hosting an online residents panel.

Robyn currently provides advisory services to Glen Eira City Council (Community Voice – Online Residents Panel), Port Phillip City Council (Youth Resilience Surveys) and Whittlesea City Council (Whittlesea 2040 Community Consultation).

What you'll learn;

  • How to identify key decision points for implementing a citizens panel

  • How to use a checklist to minimise risks and maximise outcomes

  • Ways to recruit for a citizens panel

  • Ways to host an online citizens panel

Runtime: 60 mins

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