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Beyond the Spectrum with Arkellah Irving
Beyond the Spectrum with Arkellah Irving

Learn about how collective impact can work in government.

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Join conservationist and community engagement practitioner Arkellah Irving for an in-depth look at how creativity and heart-felt leadership have helped shape the future for Adelaide’s newest national park.

Learn how Arkellah went beyond the boundaries of the engagement spectrum in order to take a deep-dive at dreaming and imagining of a better place and what it took to lead this kind of a process in government.

Arkellah specialises in engagement design and creative communications for policy development. She has a strong focus on inspiring action through community engagement and working across-sectors to find innovative local solutions to global problems.

What you'll learn:

  • Ways to influence internal staff

  • Understand collective impact

  • Methods for imaging and visioning in community engagement using story telling

  • Case study from Australia’s newest bird sanctuary

Runtime: 54 mins

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