We utilise a range of third party services in order to make EngagementHQ the best online engagement platform on the market today. We use exceptionally good services for diagnostics, performance management, hosting, support and other functionality. This approach allows us to focus on what we do best whilst incorporating specialist functionality from the experts in other areas.

As part of our commitment to transparency as well as meeting a requirement of the new EU privacy laws, we have put Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) in place with all of the third parties we work with. 

See below for the list of third party service providers we use within EHQ. Each service provider is listed with a brief description of what the service does. Contact us for a more detailed list that includes any certifications or regulations each services complies with.

Please note that we constantly evaluate third-party services for compliance and to ensure we are using the best-of-breed. We will keep this list updated as and when the services we use change. We will ensure that we put DPAs in place and notify all clients before we make any changes to underlying service providers.

Third Party Services we use:

Protects our platform from spam.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Hosting infrastructure for all our applications and websites.

Amazon Cloud Front
Hosted CDNs to improve website response times.

Google Analytics
Tracks website usage patterns, when enabled.

Rollbar & Sentry
Used for error monitoring and alerting across the front end and back end of our application. 

Our email infrastructure.

Third Party Services we integrate with (Optional) 

We also offer third party integrations, like with Auth0 to support Single Sign On (SSO) or to your existing email accounts with Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact or MailChimp, where separate licenses have been purchased. These kind of integration offerings can be seen in the Marketplace within your EHQ application.

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