Third-Party Services supporting EngagementHQ

Find out which third party services are used by EngagementHQ for additional Services and Integrations.

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We share your personal data with the following categories of recipients:

  • Agents and sub-processors. We disclose your personal data to our service providers. In these cases, the provider will be using the personal data in accordance with the terms of this policy. Your data will be shared with:

    • Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Infrastructure hosting platform

    • Akismet - Protects our platform from spam

    • Auth0 – Authentication and authorization platform

    • Froala - The WYSIWYG editor

    • ImgIX - Image processing and management.

    • Unsplash - Image gallery

    • MapBox - Mapping platform

    • Phrase - Localization platform

    • Rollbar & Sentry - Used for error monitoring and alerting across the front end and back end of our application

    • SendGrid - Our email infrastructure

  • Government authorities as permitted or required by law. This may include disclosing your personal data to regulators, or law enforcement authorities. We may transfer and disclose the data we collect about you for the following reasons:

    • To comply with a legal obligation, including, but not limited to responding to a court order;

    • To prevent fraud;

    • To comply with an inquiry by a government agency or other regulator;

    • To address security or technical issues; or

    • To assist government entities in responding to an emergency

  • As part of a business transaction. If the ownership of Granicus changes, or if we merge with, or are acquired by another organization, or if we liquidate our assets your personal data may be transferred to the new organization. If this occurs, the successor organization’s use of your data will also still be subject to this policy and the privacy preferences you have expressed to us.

As part of our commitment to transparency as well as meeting a requirement of the new EU privacy laws, we also have put Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) in place with all of the third parties we work with.

Please note that we are constantly evaluating our third-party services for compliance and to ensure we are using the best-of-breed. We will keep this list updated as and when the services we use change. We will ensure that we put DPAs in place and notify all clients before we make any changes to underlying service providers.

Third-party services we can (optionally) integrate with

We also offer third-party integrations with:

  • Google Analytics to track website usage patterns to your existing email accounts with Campaign Monitor or MailChimp, where separate licenses have been purchased. This kind of integration offering can be seen in the Marketplace within your EngagementHQ application.

For more information regarding how we interact with third parties, please contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email

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