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How to use the tool tab on your project page

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The EngagementHQ tools display in tab containers below your project description, and you can edit the tool names and reorder them within it.

You can use most tools more than once on projects, but there can only be one tab per tool. For example, you can add multiple Places maps, but they will display in a list in the Places tool tab. There are the following exceptions:

  • Stories can only be used once per tool

  • Guestbook can only be used once per tool

  • Q&A can only be used once per tool

  • Pinned surveys display in separate tabs on the project page

  • Display Quick polls as a widget instead

In the tool tab, you can:

  1. Select Add a tool to enable tools for your project.

  2. Select the tool names to Edit your respective tools, Preview, or Delete them. Some tools have additional options, such as Share, Pin, or Manage.

  3. Select the pen icon next to the tab title to change and Save the tool’s Name. By default, this will be the title of the tool.

  4. Use the status dropdown to Publish, Unpublish, Archive, or Unarchive each individual tool.

  5. Drag and drop the tool’s tab to reorder them on the project page.

  6. Drag and drop the individual tools to reorder them within the tab.

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