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Qualitative Analysis with Koel Wrigley
Qualitative Analysis with Koel Wrigley

Learn how to do better qualitative analysis for community engagement.

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Conducting effective qualitative analysis is an essential skill for good community engagement practice. 

However, knowing how to manage, interpret and report on community feedback collected through written means such as online forums, social media as well as surveys and face-to-face activities is a skill that needs constant refining and practice. 

Capire Consulting Group’s Koel Wrigley takes us through some simple steps to better manage qualitative feedback collected in community engagement activities including; identifying the right times to seek qualitative input, managing contributions, coding and organising feedback collected and reporting on the findings.

Koel Wrigley:

Koel is an experienced community and stakeholder engagement consultant. She has designed and delivered a range of community engagement processes including deliberative panels, community visioning projects, state-wide policy reviews and workplace behaviour change. For many years Koel has also has been involved in empowering youth to be environmental leaders and drive positive change both in Australia and overseas.

Koel brings an abundance of energy to every process, and aims to make every engagement event accessible enjoyable and rewarding for participants. She is dedicated to bridging the gap between people and policy makers to improve the equity and sustainability of our cities.

Runtime: 53 mins

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