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Adopt a Councillor with Andrew Coulson
Adopt a Councillor with Andrew Coulson

Learn how to engage with young people with and innovative idea!

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Join Nathan Connors and Andrew Coulson for an online webinar looking at the 'Adopt a Councillor' idea to engage young people.

The ‘Adopt a Councillor’ idea was born from the need to increase community interest in the role of Council and local government amongst children, to further progress their inclusion in democratic processes.

Hosted by:

Andrew Coulson

He tweets, pins and blogs about it. Never one to say no, since moving to Australia, Andrew is always looking for opportunities to learn and build on his experience of #communityengagement. Developed in the valleys of Wales, the farming towns of Derbyshire and the diverse housing estates of North London Andrew is trained to be person centred and be visual in communication. Interested in how online can be used to complement tools and techniques that have been adapted and developed for many years face to face, Andrew is now ready for the next step in ensuring engagement is meaningful, timely and co-produced.

Andrew currently works for SA Water in Adelaide leading the customer engagement around their 2020-2024 Regulatory Business Proposal.

You'll learn about;

  • The need for youth engagement

  • How to implement the 'Adopt a Councillor' idea

  • Overcoming challenges to implementing new innovative ideas

  • Case study from Traverse City in the United States

Run time: 53 minutes

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