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SSL certificates with EngagementHQ
SSL certificates with EngagementHQ

FAQs on SSL and EV SSL certificates with EngagementHQ.

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The safety and security of your EngagementHQ platform and its data is something we take very seriously and we continue to evolve and improve the safeguards we have in place to ensure they remain best practice.

Below are a few FAQs we have put together to answer your queries. As always, please feel free to get in touch via chat or email at if you want to discuss your specific arrangements further.

Do EngagementHQ sites have SSL Certificates installed?

Yes, by default all our sites have an SSL Certificate automatically installed. We also take care of the renewal of this certificate. 

This means that all traffic between a browser and EngagementHQ is encrypted through HTTPS. 

Can we have our own SSL Certificate installed?

Yes, for a small management fee we can install your own SSL Certificate for you if this is something that you or your IT team prefers. Please get in touch with us via chat or email at to get this sorted. 

Can we have a wildcard certificate installed?

A wildcard certificate can be installed, subject to your issuer. Taking Digicert as an example, you can create multiple certificates under the same license for various servers. When generating a wildcard certificate, you MUST ask us for the CSR file as this is generated on our server.

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