Closing the loop

A simple ‘thank you’ is the most powerful tool to acknowledge the time and effort your community has put into your project.

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  • Include the feedback process to the project timeline task list/budget. 

  • Create a process diagram for participants to illustrate the consultation and decision-making process. 

  • Clearly indicate on the site how the consultation feedback will be used to influence the decision. 

  • Provide thank you” letters to key stakeholders. Send thank you emails to all online participants. 

  • Create a consultation report summarising the outcomes of the consultation process. 

  • Distribute the report in a variety of forms so that it is accessible to as wide an audience as possible. 

  • Create a feedback report listing each of the issues and suggestions raised by the community AND the consulting organisation’s response. 

  • Distribute as above.

  • Advise participants of the decision-making process henceforth. Advise participants when a decision has been taken.

  • Consider preparing a feedback video rather than paper report. 

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