There are a range of participation types with EHQ Surveys to help you manage the types of interaction with your surveys and forms. This article looks at the different participation types for surveys and helps you understand when is the best time to use each participation type.

There are three main participation types;

  • Anyone
  • Anyone (screen name and email)
  • Registered participants only


Using the anyone participation type allows all visitors to your survey to take part without registration. By using the anyone participation type it's essential you build important demographic questions into your survey since these won't be captured via the normal registration process.

This participation type is best suited to you if you are concerned about barriers to participation in your survey. It is also the best option to choose if you are looking to do face-to-face surveying on tablets or other devices.

It's important to note, that since this participation type is unauthenticated your survey data might be less reliable as participants can take it multiple times and assume different personalities. There is greater risk of having skewed data with the anyone participation type.

If your participants are registered, their contributions will still be attributed to their user profile.

Anyone (screen name and email)

Using the anyone (screen name and email) participation type is essentially the same as the previous option, except this time the system will prompt the user to volunteer a screen name and email. They will also be required to agree to the terms of use and privacy policy for EHQ.

While this helps to make the survey submission attributable to a person, it is still volunteered information and is unauthenticated unlike the formal registration process. There are still vulnerabilities with the data as participants can still take the survey multiple times and attempt to skew your data. 

Use this participation type when you require users to accept the terms of use for the site. 

Registered Participants Only

Registered participants only is the most robust participation type of the three.
By selecting this option you will ensure that all respondents have registered and activated their account before participating. 

This participation type gives you the most reliable data and also has the added bonus of helping you grow your database.

When you select this participation type you also won't have to repeat any demographic questions in your survey that already appear in your registration form and all responses will be attributed to a real registered participant.

This option also allows you to control the amount of submissions per user, meaning you can restrict multiple submissions.

Note: IP addresses are not collected for any survey submissions.

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